Wills and Will Nots



Finding a trainer which is a good match for your family is extremely important, and we want to be up front about who we are and what WE WILL and what WE WILL NOT do should you choose to work with us.


We Will...

We will... Treat you, your family, and the animals in your home, with respect and compassion.


We will... Utilize a modern understanding of behavior with scientifically based methods.


We will... Keep the safety of your family and of your dog as our highest priority at all times.


We will... Teach your dog how to respect your space and teach you how to respect your dog's space, by teaching you about canine body language.


We will... Encourage any member of your family (of any age) to participate with training (if they want to).


We will... Help you understand why particular behaviors are happening and teach you how to increase or decrease behaviors you like or dislike.




We Will Not...

We will not... Ask you to utilize any training methods which you are not comfortable with.


We will not... Change your dog's behavior by applying fear, discomfort, or pain.


We will not... Utilize aversive tools or techniques such as (but not limited to) prong/choke/electric collars, muzzle grabs, alpha rolls or other forms of "correction". 


We will not... Use language based on old and misunderstood dominance theory.


We will not...