Private Dog Training Lessons



Private dog training lessons are our most frequently requested service. Our hope is that we can help you get back to enjoying all of the benefits of pet ownership with a little less of the stress. We do this by designing a training plan specifically for your family and then teaching you how to train your dog according to that plan.


How private lessons work:

First: The trainer will come to your house for an Introductory Lesson. We use this time to get to know each other, discuss what your training goals are for your dog, and introduce you to how the training works. 


Second: Afterwards the trainer will email you 2 or 3 customizeable training packages designed specifically for your family.  These package options will offer a variety of training services and prices, however they will all address the goals outlined during the inital consultation.


Third: You will select the package that best fits your training and financial needs, and your in-home private training lessons will typically begin within a week!



Each lesson typically lasts 45-60 minutes and is focused on working with one dog at a time. These lessons are appropriate for family members of all ages to participate. Check out our FAQ page for more information!


Ready to set up your Introductory Lesson? Send an email to: