A few other services...



Pet Selection Consultation: Many future problems can be avoided if you are able to bring the right animal into your home right from the start. There are many different ways to go about adding a pet to your home, a pet selection consultation will help narrow down the best options for your particular home.  


Veterinary Visit: Regular veterinary visits are an important part of your dog's life, yet the vet office is one of the most difficult places to take your pet, particularly if they are not socialized from a young age. Knowing a few tips and tricks to help get through your annual vet visit smoothly, will reduce stress for you and your pet, allowing the vet to provide the best care for your animal. We will go on a field trip with you and your animal to your veterinary office (not during a regularly scheduled appointment) to discuss topics such as what to bring, where to sit, and what will help your particular dog feel calm and safe. This service is most effective when used with very young animals, however we will also gladly work with older dogs as well. 


Group Presentation: Presentations designed uniquely for your veterinary office, kennel, daycare or grooming facility. Common topics include stress reduction, canine body language, bite prevention, and positive reinforcement theory, however we can design the presentation to be whatever you need. Contact us for cost information.


Advanced Training Lessons: Appropriate for pets and handlers who have already completed a positive training program, these lessons are designed to give you something new and fun to do with your dog. Training methods such as shaping and advanced cue usage will allow you to train your dog to do impressive tricks and tasks such as object distinction and retrieval, turning on a light switch or opening and closing doors. Your imagination (and your dog's!) are the limit when it comes to what you can train them to do, and we'd love to help you discover what your pet is capable of!




Interested in any of the above services? Send an email to: Kelsey@RightonCueK9.com