So you don’t you use any punishment?

Nope! Real life means that we all (including dogs) may sometimes experience something we find punishing (like stubbing our toe on the door or being startled by a sudden noise) however, we here at Right on Cue Dog Training never intentionally use things that we know will cause our dogs discomfort, fear, or pain. We find it a more effective use of everybody's time to train our dogs what we want them TO do instead of following them around correcting everything we don't want them to do.


Although punishment can be effective it is extremely difficult to use well, even slight human error in timing or technique can be dangerous to both dog and handler (physically and behaviorally). Furthermore, even when used perfectly, punishing or forceful methods carry significantly greater risks for both dog and person, which in our opinion are never worth taking since we have alternative, lower-risk reinforcement based methods which work equally well (if not better). 


For more information about why we have chosen to train this way we would strong recommend you read this article from the American Veterinary Society for Animal Behavior: Position Statement  on Punishment in Training

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