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How long does training take?

What times of day do you offer lessons?

How much do training packages cost?

Where does training take place, and what supplies will I need?

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Training Methods

Why do you use positive reinforcement based training?

How does clicker training work?

How are problem behaviors resolved?

So you don’t you use any punishment?

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Will you guarantee that our dog is better behaved after your training?

Can you help with our aggressive dog?

Will you train our dog to use an electric fence?

What types of things will my dog learn?

What types of problem behaviors can you help with?

Will you train our dog for us?

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Occasionally, we recommend particular products to reduce problem behaviors and aid in training. Our affiliate site offers many of these high quality products at very reasonable prices- so we'd encourage you to check them out if you're looking for some new supplies!

To help spare you shipping costs and sizing headaches, we now carry a full inventory of the award-winning Balance Harness!


This great harness fits dogs of all shapes and recently won the highest rating possible from Whole Dog Journal's review of no-pull harnesses. 


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