Group Classes

Puppy Socialization Class

Please note that this class is full and registration is now closed. Contact us if you are interested in a private puppy training package instead. 

This is a fun, low-key class designed to help your puppy build positive associations (and build their confidence) around new people, children, dogs, and environments during their prime period of development. We will also teach you how to most effectively communicate with your dog and how to use positive reinforcement to capture behaviors such as "sit" and "stay".  Plus, every class will include a fun puppy playtime to help your pup learn social skills from other puppies! 


We know how wonderful and exhausting life with a puppy can be, so we hope you will let us help you get your new life with a pup off to the very best start possible! 

Class Details: 

Where? Breton Veterinary Hospital (located in Leonartown, MD)

When? Multiple evening class times available (see registration form for details). 

How long?  This 4 week class will meet weekly during the month of February, each class will last 45-60 minutes. 

How much does it cost? $175*

Who is it for? Puppies age 8-18 weeks. There must be an human adult over the age of 18 present, however we welcome family members of all ages to participate. Puppies must have received a vaccination against Parvo and Distemper prior to February 4th. 


* Price includes the 4-week class and training supplies. If you would prefer to purchase training supplies on your own (we can send you a list of what is required vs. recommended), select "class only" during registration for the reduced class price of $130.  


Did you know??
A large portion of your puppy's adult personality is formed during an important socialization window between the ages of 8-12 weeks old. It is during this time that your pup learns which things are part of normal life and which things are abnormal  and worth being nervous or very excited about. Once this window closes- it doesn't open again!! This makes that first month or two with your pup one of the most important times to invest the time and money into your dog's training.