Cats (and Other Critters)

Because, yes...


Cats can be trained too. 










Cats think and act differently than dogs, however they can still be trained to have just as nice house manners. Most often the manners which cats need help with include:


-  crate training (no you don't always have to chase your cat around the house for an hour before getting in the car to go to the vet)
- appropriate interactions with family members,
- the resolution of problem behaviors such as chewing or scratching
- an overall confidence boost (so that your guests may get to see more of your cat than the tip of her tail as she dives under the bed).


Contact us if you are interested in a consultation regarding your cat's behavior. We can help with functional training, or we can just teach you some fun games and tricks to show off the next time you have company!

Dexter (a cat who has a not-so-unique ability to get right in the middle of everything...)

Lions, and tigers, and bears... oh my!

Better yet, it isn't just cats and dog which can be trained. Animal handlers at working farms, zoos, and aquariums have all started using clicker training with success. There are even a few pet fish out there who have learned some fun tricks! We here at Right on Cue Dog Training have experience working with dogs, cats, birds, and even some zoo animals. We love the opportunity to work with animals other than cats and dogs, and would be happy to help you with any of your animals, big or small. There may even be some discounts for families who give us the chance to train a species which is new to us :)


So the next time you are staring at your child's guinea pig wondering what it's good for; give us a call, and we can show you just how much that little guinea pig can do.